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(Water + Breath = Alignment)

We each have the inherent ability to use our bodies as a meditative instrument. Beyond water, breath and movement, there is very little that remains common among us. We begin to separate into unique beings with different environments and requirements that lead us further away from common sense.

Water: Begin by drinking 40-80% of your body weight (pounds) in ounces of water.  Your body is the best tool to help you determine which water level is most beneficial for you as you practice listening to what it is telling you about hydration and adjust your intake accordingly as your personal conditions change. Each day can be different.  The daily goal is to have intention in the effort by hearing what your body needs and providing it as fuel instead of waiting for a physical reaction to be the indicator.  

Breath: Begin by practicing 10x10 breathing; that is, take 10 intentional breaths of increasing intensity 10 times each day, for a goal of at least 100 fully mindful breaths per day, completing each inhale and exhale with deep intention.  As you practice breath awareness, your body will begin to lead you through a personalized, intentional breathing sequence designed around the exact type of breathing it needs at any given time. Your body is and will always be the best gauge of what type of breathing you need at any moment.  Once you’ve trained yourself to use your breath to scan for areas of tension and breathe directly into them, you can more clearly hear whatever information is trying to get your attention. As your body releases tension, your thoughts become more clear, leading you down a path that fully supports your life. The daily goal is to increase intentional breathing.

Alignment: Begin by practicing the red light green light reflex exercise we have adapted from page 68 of Thomas Hanna’s Somatics.  This simple practice will generate stronger body-familiarity with the muscle groups used to react in response to fear and effort.  Feeling the full extension/constriction of these opposites as a total movement helps align the brain for taking in information with less judgment and fear, real or imagined. Practicing fear and effort responses raises our awareness around our own reactions, which is incredibly beneficial for communication.  When you are objectively aware of your own responses and reactions, it’s easier to see them formulate in others. It gives us the power to manage otherwise volatile situations with peaceful resolution of even the most difficult conflict, both internal and external. The daily goal is to recognize tension as it enters our body and help manage the process.

Study yourself.  

Your impressions are everything.

Red Light Green Light Exercise

These reflexes have been slightly adapted from Thomas Hanna’s 1988 book, Somatics, reawakening the mind’s control of movement, flexibility and health.  We adapted them with an intention to reprogram and retrain our reflex responses, deepening the support and structure of our bodies, physically and mentally.  The movements are called PANDICULATIONS: our nervous system’s natural way of waking up our sensorimotor system and preparing us for movement; contract, hold and release muscles as an intentional practice for working out sore spots. Do all red light movements, followed by green light movements. With regular practice, they each become a fluid motion and that muscle memory will send new signals to your brain.

Red Light Reflex

Close your eyes

Create tension in your jaw

Create tension in your face

Pull your neck forward

Lift your shoulders

Flex your elbows

Clench your fists

Flatten your chest

Tighten your abdominals

Contract your diaphragm

Hold your breath

Contract your butt

Rotate your thighs inward

Move your feet to pigeon-toed

Pull your thighs toward center of body

Bend your knees slightly

Tighten your foot, lifting the arch

Sensory Feedback – subjective feeling of fear

Green Light Reflex

Open your eyes

Relax your jaw and face

Pull your neck backwards

Pull your shoulders down

Extend your elbows

Open your hands

Lift your chest

Lengthen your abdominal muscles

Relax your diaphragm

Relax your butt

Extend your thighs

Rotate thighs outward

Move your feet to Duck-like posture

Pull your thighs away from your body

Straighten your knees

Extend toes as far out as possible and then turn them inward

Sensory Feedback – subjective feeling of effort


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