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Dr. Stephen Price

Dr. Stephen Price has been providing chiropractic services since 2002. Prior to graduating Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Dr. Price earned his Bachelors of Science at the University of Oklahoma, where he was also a collegiate athlete. His interest in chiropractic healing was piqued in high school when he suffered a low back fracture while wrestling. Even though he followed the doctors’ protocol, their prognosis did not expect a full recovery, and he thought there was nothing to do but accept the fate of his condition.

After spending 9 months on pain killers and muscle relaxers, one of his coaches pulled him aside and asked if he could take him to see a chiropractor. Within 3 months, he was back to normal and off all pain medication. That first experience planted seeds that would eventually grow to become his profession and his passion, but it would take one more event to fully nudge him in the direction of Chiropractic.

While anticipating a career in surgery or anesthesia, Dr. Price worked in the OR at Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, gaining an up close look at the benefits and sacrifices that came with his chosen course of study. He was ready for the challenge, but his focus was pulled once again to chiropractic – this time from an auto accident where he was rear-ended at 60 miles an hour. He went straight to Dr. Young, a chiropractor in Moore, Oklahoma, where he received treatment for neck and back injuries that once again led to a full physical recovery. He enrolled in Chiropractic College and has never looked back!

During his 16 years of practice, Dr. Price has treated thousands of athletes, professional and otherwise. He enjoys ongoing relationships with treating members of the Kansas City Fire Department and the Kansas City disc golf community. Dr. Price increasingly uses a “whole person approach”. This style involves looking for underlying causes of chronic pain and recommending physical as well as lifestyle adjustments to ensure the best chance at optimal health. Using this intuitive approach, Dr. Price is able to help each patient accelerate and/or maintain their own healing.